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Be Smarter faster than you can eat 3 dumplings

Wake refreshed each business day with our critical News Briefs to power your important decisions.

Immediately usable information is what MediaIntel.Asia is all about. We give you media intelligence so you can make fast decisions in Asia.

There is so much data being generated each day on the Internet, and finding relevance within that media intelligence is critical to understand both the winds of online sentiment and the typhoons of change.

Business executives, government officials, journalists, and everyone in between rely on MediaIntel.Asia for critical news both from within Asia and from outside to shed light on important news stories.

You get to read important business sector news categorized and focused on technology, geopolitics, ESG, travel, healthcare, finance, manufacturing and more!

We deliver you this media intel via industry and sector News Briefings delivered to your inbox as emails each business morning. Wake up, look at your phone, and consumer our data to prepare your day!


How do we make money with a free service?

MediaIntel.Asia gets sponsorships for our daily News Briefs. And we place sponsored ads within our platform. Don’t worry, we pay attention to making sure that we only provide useful sponsors to our subscribers!

We also provide higher level media intelligence and data intel services via our robust API to key clients who desire more customized solutions.

News data and most media intelligence services are a commodity. We get to focus on building relevance at scale rather than on the dead-end business of non-scalable traditional media monitoring services. Simple, easy, and disruptive.

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Our Leadership

MediaIntel.Asia is a service of Asia Media Network. We’re one of the top B2B media and news platform companies operating in Asia, and you can contact the MediaIntel.Asia team here.

Danny Levinson

Danny Levinson

Founder, CTO

Originally from the U.S., Danny has spent the 20+ years working in Asia, building technology businesses. In 2009, Asia Media Network acquired the leading B2B digital publisher China Dispatch, which Danny founded.  Then in 2010 he sold his Beijing-based SaaS business BDL Media to U.S.-based Vocus (NASDAQ:VOCS), which later merged with Cision, and he became chief executive of Vocus’ China operations. And then in 2017 he sold his Shanghai-based SaaS company to Australia-based Isentia (ASX:ISD) and became Isentia’s regional director for Asia, responsible for data and operations. He now leads the engineering and artificial intelligence teams in the United States for FinchAI, where he develops cyber tools for America’s Defense and Intelligence agencies.

Paul Doyle

Paul Doyle

Chief Executive Officer

Originally from Scotland, Paul has lived and worked in China for more than 20 years. He was the co-founder and chairman of BDL Media, and successfully exited that business upon its sale to U.S.-based Vocus (NASDAQ:VOCS) in 2010. He then served as president of Vocus China until 2015. Paul has spent many years in publishing, media, and online advertising, and he was previously the Chief Legal Representative in China for Hong Kong-based Ismay Publishing and currently serves as director and investor in businesses across Asia-Pacific. 

News Taxonomies

Organized and Categorized To Make Research Easy!

MediaIntel.Asia monitors the latest data on critical industries and sectors and then immediately provides that data to you using our own taxonomies along with the Global Industry Classification Standard, Industry Classification Benchmark, Thomson Reuters Business Classification, and the IPTC NewsCodes.

These various taxonomies give you the power to drill down into necessary data easily and quickly. The IPTC NewsCodes and Copyright © 2020 IPTC, International Press Telecommunications Council.

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